SPIRIT is a European Project, funded under the Horizon Europe Framework Programme, aiming at implementing sustainable heat-upgrade technologies for industry.
Three demonstration sites
SPIRIT will demonstrate three full-scale heat pumps in the food and beverage and paper & pulp industrial sectors, with three different technologies.
SPIRIT Outcomes
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News and Events
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Power to efficiency: unlocking industrial decarbonisation through heat pumps 

What role do heat pumps play in industrial decarbonisation? This is the question that was addressed by the webinar “Sustaining success of industrial heat pumps – a call to action!” hosted by EHPA on 14 March.

Don’t waste your energy! How heat pumps reuse waste heat in industry

The number of heat pumps used in industry is considerably lower than those installed in residential and commercial buildings. By 2050, the total number of industrial heat pumps worldwide is projected to reach 80 million.  

Large heat pumps: the future-proof technology for the new industrial revolution 

As the world strives to fight climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the decarbonisation of industrial heat supply has become a top priority.

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